The Team

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Bezalel Lev-Tov is the initiator and founder of the educational tourist center in Misgav Am and is currently the director.
He is the Fourth generation of the Lev-Tov family of “Educators and practitioners" in Israel, The first Aliya people who saw a Zionist mission in their work.
Betzalel was born in Herzliya on January 27, 1954. In his Military service he served in the Battalion 50 of the Nahal. He has lived in Misgav am for the past 38 years and is a full kibbutz member. Most of his activities in the kibbutz were in the areas of education, sports, and tourism. Bezalel also worked in the kibbutz agriculture businesses for many years. In addition Betzalel established the largest fossil museum in Israel with 30,000 fossils he collected in the area, as well as a gallery for sculptural stone works. Bezalel established the tourist educational center with the help of other members in Misgav Am four years ago and he sees a blessing in his actions.

All of the team at the Misgav Am Visitors Center have lived in Misgav Am for many years if not all of their lives, you will also regularly see residents of Misgav Am visiting the view point welcoming you with open arms and interesting conversation.