Road Map

Closing the viewpoint

The contemporary design of the Misgav Am Mountain Viewpoint Is founded on three basic principles.
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First principle
Closing in the viewpoint building, roof and walls, laying particular emphasis on minimal impediment to the viewpoint’s panoramic landscape view.

Second principle
The design of the viewpoint as an environmental sculpture, a reference point with an astounding View as background, is planned to be built onto the current structure.
An attractive and harmonized steel construction will be segmented with transparent glass/ polycarbonate panels. The viewpoint walls will be constructed of a glass/ all glaze panels with minimal aluminum construction, to preserve the beauty of the panoramic view

Third principal
At the rear of the viewpoint and to complete the plan, a simple building will be constructed for visitor reception, for a museum of fossils found in the nearby vicinity, and as an exhibition area for local artist’s works. The construction will use modern, light materials such as aluminum and glass, in order to integrate with the design of the viewpoint, and with its character as a simple structure floating above the spectacular view.

Prayer Point

Our vision is to create a prayer area.
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We are preparing The land and are interested in turning the observation post which was established on the Lebanese border in 1948 by the first settlers on the site to a building. This building will have a specific purpose and will serve as a prayer structure. Many visitors wish to pray on our site and see us as a unique place to carry prayers to God for peace within Israel, and prayers to protect the people living here.

Our vision is starting to come together starting April 2018

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We have hosted a team from Zechariah's Hope in April 2018 and again in August for many weeks, their hard work has brought our vision one step further with the construction of a prayer structure and sitting area.
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Misgav Am Timeline Reception

Gallery and Lobby for the visitors center.
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Closing the entrance to the visitors center, which will serve as a waiting area for groups and individuals, we currently do not have any Indoor waiting space and its highly necessary. in addition it will serve as a time line gallery, we will tell the story through pictures of our kibbutz from the year it was founded until today. we would like to have exhibits in that space as well.